Bossing Up is a community of people who value supporting dope businesses that are black-owned in our neighborhoods and cities.

We are a group of people who realize the potential of underrepresented and untapped communities, and are determined to make our contributions to the culture and the economy work for us.


Black people in the U.S. spend an extraordinary amount of money on consumption, pumping over $1.3 trillion dollars into the US economy annually. Yet compared to other ethnic groups, that money does little to support our own communities. While a single dollar circulates in the Asian community for 30 days, in the Jewish community for 20 days and in the white community for up to 17 days, a single dollar only circulates for 6 hours in the black community. We are determined to change that. Through Bossing Up we will create an online market place and information hub to inform you of the black businesses you can support and drive those dollars back into our communities.

Ready to become a boss?